Members of The Festival Singers 2014-2015

Gary Toops, Artistic Director

Carol Roman, Pianist

    Margie Carrigan

    Joe Castro

    Judith A. Clinton

    Laurel Coote

    Peter Coote

    Cynthia A. Drennan

    Christine Daigneault

    Barbara Griffith

    Kenneth S. Herberger

    Mary Ann Hultine

    Ruth Baird Krusic

    Doloris Manfredi

    Beth McConaughy

    Dick McConaughy

    Jackie Mudd

    Maureen Ong

    Dennis Paulson

    Jason Poarch

    Cindy Poudrier

    William "Rip" Rippee

    Beverly Robinson

    Yvonne Ross

    Marjie Toops

    Susan VanWig

    Cindy Waddell


    Marjie Toops, President

    Beth McConaughy, Secretary

    Barbara Griffith, Treasurer

    Cindy Poudrier, Member

    William "Rip" Rippee, Member

    S. Dee Jarvis, Member Emeritus

Friends of The Festival Singers

Donations are currently being accepted for membership in
Friends of The Festival Singers" a 2014-2015 season.

These kind and generous donations help make our concerts possible.

For information about becoming a "Friend of The Festival Singers," sponsoring an individual concert,  or making a donation in memory of a loved one, contact us at


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