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 25th Anniversary Reunion Concert

25th Anniversary Reunion Concert

About The Festival Singers

The Festival Singers is a non-profit community chorus with the purpose of providing entertainment and musical education. Major concerts are presented three times a year in Lake Forest. In addition The Festival Singers has performed in Carnegie Hall, Anaheim Stadium and Disneyland. The group has recorded several programs for Duarte Cable Television, which have also aired on many Community Access Stations. For information about our availability to sing for your special event or organization, contact us at festivalsingers@festivalsingers.net.

As a non-profit artistic organization dependent on ticket sales and private donations for financial support, The Festival Singers subscribes to the following resolution passed by ADCA, the American Choral Directors Association:

Whereas the human spirit is elevated to a broader understanding of itself through study and performance in the aesthetic arts; and Whereas serious cutbacks in funding and support have steadily eroded state institutions and their programs throughout the country; Be it resolved that all citizens of the United States actively voice their affirmation and collective support for necessary funding at the local, state, and national levels of education and government to ensure the survival of arts programs for this and future generations.

 Rehearsal, 2010

Rehearsal, 2010

The History of The Festival Singers

We have prepared a nostalgic look at the history of the Festival Singers in a 30th Anniversay booklet (in PDF format) — all about our musical organization in words and photos.

Click the image below to view the history in your browser or you an download it for future reading.

 30th Anniversary Booklet

30th Anniversary Booklet

The Festival Singers


Board of

People Who
Make Things Happen

  • Gary Toops, Artistic Director
  • Carol Roman, Pianist
  • Margie Carrigan
  • Laurel Coote
  • Peter Coote
  • Cynthia A. Drennan
  • Christine Daigneault
  • Diana Farrell
  • Cindy Frerking
  • Barbara Griffith
  • Kenneth S. Herberger
  • Robyn Henk
  • Mary Ann Hultine
  • Edward Hunt
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Dianne Johnson
  • Ruth Baird Krusic
  • Jocelyn Lowery
  • Doloris Manfredi
  • Deborah Mason
  • Beth McConaughy
  • Dick McConaughy
  • Elizabeth McGrath
  • Gerald McMillan
  • Maureen Ong
  • Dennis Paulson
  • Jason Poarch
  • Cindy Poudrier
  • William 'Rip' Rippee
  • Beverly Robinson
  • Yvonne Roman
  • Sally Sartor
  • James Tognazzini
  • Marjie Toops
  • Susan Van Wig
  • Cindy Waddell
  • Daniel Wilson
  • Marjie Toops, President
  • Beth McConaughy, Secretary
  • Barbara Griffith, Treasurer
  • Gerald McMillan, Member
  • Maureen Ong, Member
  • Cindy Poudrier, Member
  • William 'Rip' Rippee, Member
  • Danette Stephen, Member
 Jackie Mudd, Philip Mudd, Beverly Robinson - Hot Dog Sale - July 4, 2015 - Laguna Hills

Jackie Mudd, Philip Mudd, Beverly Robinson - Hot Dog Sale - July 4, 2015 - Laguna Hills

  • Beverly Robinson - Rehearsal Refreshment Coordinator
  • Cynthia Drennan - Program Design and Printing
  • Cheryl Geisbush and Danette Stephen - Front of House Coordinators
  • Barbara Griffith - Mailing
  • Beth McConaughy - Facebook Coordinator
  • Dick McConaughy - July 4th Hot Dog Sale Coordinator and Grant Writer
  • Susan Van Wig - Advertisement Procurement
  • Maureen Ong - Publicity
  • Dennis Paulson and Jason Poarch - Stage and Equipment Managers
  • Marjie Toops - Librarian
  • Daniel Wilson - Photographer
  • Armsby Services - Webmaster